July 22, 2021

July 21 2021 - Kevin Woodley (NHL/In-Goal Magazine), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Craig J Button (TSN), Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft

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It is expansion draft day with little to no surprises. 

The Welcome Matt looks at how the news of the day was leaked, as hours before what was supposed to be the big reveal the Kraken’s expansion list was leaked by the likes of Frank Seravalli and others. 

Kevin Woodley from In-Goal Magazine follows and tells us how he thought that Carey Price was going to get picked by the Kraken, explains why he thinks it was a bad move that the Kraken didn’t select Price, wonders if there is something behind the Kraken not taking Kaapo Kähkönen from the Wild, why he doesn’t think there is a big market for Braden Holtby, and tells us why he thinks that Mikey DiPietro being in Abbotsford will help the Canucks with its backup goalie hole. 

Jeff Paterson joins at an earlier time and gives his thoughts on the leaked list of players that came out of Seattle, why he thinks the Kraken’s goaltending picks are underwhelming, the importance of the Canucks keeping the 9th overall pick at the draft, and why Jim Benning can’t sit back and wait while now 31 teams compete to make their rosters better. 

The Price is Right looks at expansion in the big four leagues, suggesting that they’re tapped out for new franchises. 

Craig Button joins next and tells us how he likes the Kraken’s signings of Adam Larsson and Jamie Oleksiak are great moves, why he thinks that taking Mark Giordano is an asset accumulation move for the Kraken, why he isn’t surprised that Price wasn’t taken by Seattle, and gives his insight on who he thinks will be available for the Canucks at the draft with the 9th overall pick and in the second round. 

Blake looks to sizzle on Hot Take.

We cap off the shows with all the Errors & Omissions. 




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