July 21, 2021

July 20 2021 - Geoff Baker (Seattle Times), Harman Dayal (The Athletic), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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We’re one day away from the expansion draft and just three days away from the NHL Draft, so the boys address some silly trade speculation off the top of the show that has been making the rounds on social media

The Welcome Matt looks at the Seattle Kraken’s options in the expansion draft, speculating that Ron Francis will have plenty of opportunities to make very good deals for the first year franchise.

Geoff Baker from the Seattle Times follows and tells us if the Kraken were to take Carey Price it would have to be something that was buttoned down by both the hockey operations department and the ownership, tells us whether or not the leaked video from Pike Place Market that went out on social media was the first leak by the Kraken, and if he thinks that Braden Holtby makes sense for the Kraken.

Harman Dayal follows Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and explains why Holtby being selected by Seattle would the best situation for the Canucks, breaks down the best options the Canucks could have with the 9th overall pick, and says signing Adam Larsson to anything more than three years would be risky.

The Price is Right wonders when the NHL will make its return to the Olympic Games. 

Jeff Paterson joins after Tell Me I’m Wrong and suspects that there is going to be some real surprises at the NHL Entry Draft, why he doesn’t see the Canucks trading Bo Horvat for Pavel Buchnevich, and tells us what a suitable return would be if the Canucks were to move the 9th overall pick.

Sekeres looks for sizzler after a month away from playing Hot Take.

The show wraps with all the Errors & Omissions. 




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