July 20, 2021

July 19 2021 - Mike Heika (Dallas Stars.com Reporter), John Shannon (NHL Insider/Bob McCown Podcast), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Back in the blanket fort for another week of shows and we got a lot to cover in what will be a busy week around the NHL.

The Welcome Matt focuses on the work that Jim Benning did over the weekend acquiring Jason Dickinson from the Dallas Stars. 

Mike Heika from Dallas Stars .com follows and tells us how much Dickinson was loved in the Dallas organization, why he won’t get pushed around by the opposition, tells us that Ben Bishop’s health makes him a risky pickup for the Seattle Kraken, and who he thinks the Stars will lose in the expansion draft.

John Shannon follows Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and tells us how Carey Price’s health will determine whether or not the Kraken elect to take the former Vezina Trophy winner in the expansion draft, why PK Subban would be good for the Kraken’s marketing department, and why he feels that the Kraken will take Braden Holtby off the hands of the Canucks.

The Price is Right puts the NHL in the cross hairs questioning the Montreal Canadiens reports on Carey Price’s health and how the NHL just doesn’t seem to care that the Habs are being coy about their star goalies medicals. 

Jeff Paterson follows Tell Me I’m Wrong and tells us that he likes the Dickinson pickup, feeling that he can take some pressure off of Bo Horvat when it comes to facing tough defensive matchups, why he feels that Dickinson’s hockey IQ is something that makes him so valuable, who he thinks the Canucks will lose in the expansion draft, and whether or not he thinks there will be blockbuster type trades during the draft.

We read all the memos on Memo To. The show concludes with all the Errors & Omissions. 






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