July 16, 2021

July 15 2021 - Ian Furness (KJR Sports Radio Seattle), Thomas Drance (The Athletic), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

The NHL rumour mill is heating up, we’ll address the latest Canucks rumours and more on this episode.

The Welcome Matt takes a look at the Brock Boeser trade rumours that have once again resurfaced this offseason. 

Ian Furness from KJR Sports Radio in Seattle follows and tells us how tight Kraken GM Ron Francis is holding his cards to his chest, why the focus will be on younger players for the Kraken, how the Kraken have separated themselves on the business end differently from the Seahawks and Mariners, and whether or not TJ Oshie will return to his home state. 

Thomas Drance follows Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and says that he could see the Canucks being more interested in signing Zach Hyman, then they would be in trading Brock Boeser, why the Canucks need to look at bargain players over high priced UFA’s, what the Kraken are looking at for side deals, and elaborates on whether or not the Canucks can pull off a side deal that they could shed a bad contract to. 

The Price is Right suggests that the NHL should retract the cap recapture penalty they handed out to the Canucks on the Roberto Luongo, as cap circumvention in the league still exists this day, just in a different form.

Jeff Paterson joins for his daily hit and begins by giving his thoughts on the Canucks interest in Hyman, why they need a player like Hyman and can’t afford to lose a player like Boeser, and if he thinks time is running out for Jim Benning to make an aggressive move.

The boys face off on Take 5 with the debate this week being which is more likely, the Canucks pull off a trade with Seattle before they released their protected list or afterwards?

The show wraps up with all the Errors & Omissions. 

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