July 13, 2022

July 13 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

Jeff Paterson, our Vancouver Canucks reporter, joined Matt and Blake in studio to talk about a busy day in the NHL. Jeff gave his thoughts on the new additions in Mikheyev and Lazar. The three of them talked about the astronomical prices d-men are going for this year. The guys talked about Gudbranson and the puzzling deal he signed with the Blue Jackets. Jeff mulled if the Canucks are on Plan B, knocking on the door of Plan C.

Patrick Johnston joined the guys in studio fresh off the Allvin availability. First he answered our Bodog poll question and gave his thoughts on if he is satisfied with the moves the Canucks made today. PJ talked about the Canucks hoping to make “improvements from within”. Says it’s a lot of the same noise we have heard in this organization before.

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