July 14, 2021

July 13 2021

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All-Star night in the majors, so we’ve got an all-star show for you! 

The Pat Down breaks down the amount of dough Zach Parise and Ryan Suter will put in their pockets, after the Minnesota Wild bought out both of their former stars on Tuesday. 

Kevin Allen from Hockey Buzz follows and explains how he could see Suter heading to a contending team, despite his lack of production this year, he could still see a team taking a chance on Parise as a secondary scoring option, expands on the career of Pekka Rinne, and gives his thoughts on how Ron Francis can put together a competitive team in the Kraken’s inaugural season. 

Canucks reporter Patrick Johnston from Post Media follows Hashtags - the best ands worst of Twitter, and speculates on whether or not the Abbotsford AHL team will adopt the Canucks nickname, if he thinks a buyout of Jake Virtanen is as good as done, and wonders if managements expectations for this season are higher than the fan bases. 

The Price is Right focuses in on Premier John Horgan who despite saying otherwise in the past, stated today that World Cup games aren’t off the table in Vancouver come 2026.

Adnan Virk from the MLB Network joins next to discuss All-Star week in the majors, whether he thinks the home run derby rules need some tweaking, what he thinks the Blue Jays need to do at the trade deadline, and who he thinks are the top World Series contenders are.

J-Pat looks for a sizzler on his final day of Hot Take. We wrap the show with all the Errors & Omissions. 


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