July 13, 2021

July 12 2021

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Back from the weekend with a very special announcement to kick off the show. 

The Pat Down reveals J-Pat’s next step with his career. 

Manuel Veth from Transfer Markt follows the Pat Down and tells us how penalty kicks in soccer have a unique science, questions the choices Gareth Southgate made for his penalty kick shooters, what he thinks went wrong outside of Wembley Stadium, why this is a very important season for Alphonso Davies, what he’s hearing about the Whitecaps designated players they’re looking to bring in, and where he sees Lionel Messi playing next year.

John Shannon follows Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and tells us why he doesn’t think it’s a big deal that some of the Lightning players are flaunting the fact that the team was $18 million dollars over the salary cap, speculates on what could be announced by the Predators tomorrow, breaks down what the Oilers were thinking with the Duncan Keith trade, and tells us who he thinks Tampa will lose from its Stanley Cup winning roster. 

Price is Right takes a look at the hires and trades around the NHL and wonders if perhaps this offseason Jim Benning can play the role of the fleecer and not the one that gets fleeced. 

Pierre McGuire follows Ask J-Pat and tells us how the job with the Senators came together, why he welcomes those that challenge his opinion on analytics, and how far the Sens are away from being a playoff team.

We read all the memos in Memo To. The show wraps up with all the Errors & Omissions. 


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