July 1, 2022

July 1 2022 - Ryan Kesler & Mike Gillis

Former Canucks GM, Mike Gillis, joined Matt and Jeff for our special Canada Day episode. Mike came on to talk about the recent Hall of Fame announcement that saw three of his players get the call on their first ballot. Mike talked about the growth of Henrik and Daniel through his time in Vancouver and the job they did in finding the right linemate in Alex Burrows. Mike talked about what made Rollie Melanson such a great goalie coach for Luongo.

Ryan Kesler joined Matt and Jeff for our holiday episode to talk about the Canucks and their new found hall of famers. Ryan talked about their work ethic and how it pushed him. They were always in the gym after the game and knew that when they went in the gym, the rest of the team would follow. Ryan talked about learning ‘Sedinery’. Ryan talked about Luongo as captain. Says it was a good thought and he was all for it but they made the right decision going back to a player. Lu handled it well but once they moved it away from him, his game moved up another level. You’ll want to hear what Kes says about how he feels about the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup run.

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