Jan. 6, 2022

January 5 2022 - Darren Dreger (TSN NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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NHL Insider and Host of Ray and Dregs Podcast, Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake in his regular Wednesday spot. Started off by talking about his outdoor rink twitter exercise. Dregs talked about what struck him from his conversation with Bruce Boudreau. He is a very cadid, good type of guy. Will be brutally honest with his players and the media. Says BB was worried that he wouldn’t get another opportunity. Usually he gets a job right away but he had to wait this time. Says he is well built to handle the waves of trouble that come with coaching in a Canadian market. Talked about who the next GM of the Canucks could be. Says the Canucks aren’t in a rush to find one because they have Jimmy. Talked about when there might be some concern there isn’t a move made. Talked about Jaro Halak. Says that JR will like the tandem he has between Demko and Halak. Talked about the goaltending needs around the league. Talked about the troubles in EDM. Talked about the GM search in Anaheim. Would be surprised if they didn’t keep it in-house. Dregs talked about who could potentially represent Canada at the Olympics. Talked about who came out on the long list that isn’t even eligible. 

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