Jan. 5, 2022

January 4 2022 - Brian ‘Red’ Hamilton (Vancouver Canucks), Patrick Johnston (Post Media Reporter), Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide Co-Host)

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Canucks Assistant Equiptment Manager, Brian ‘Red’ Hamilton joined Matt and Blake after his feel-good story was brought to light on New Years Day. Talked about the benefits of bringing the story forward. Talked about how it all played out. Talked about if he would have gone public with the story had they not needed to go through social media. Talked about Nadia and what she had to do to make him aware. Talked about the relationship the Hamilton’s will have with Nadia and her family moving forward. Told the story of his family and how they have been affected by Cancer. 

Patrick Johnston of Post Media joined Matt and Blake in his regular Tuesday slot. Talked about the Canucks in protocol that were medivaced back to Vancouver. Says he can’t wait to not care about these things. Talked about the process of getting back into the country. Talked about the capacity for fans. We are still at 50%. Talked about what Bruce Boudreau has done to change the fortunes of the Canucks. PJ pointed to X’s and O’s. Referenced a Motte play. Talked about cap recaptures and the players on the cap that don’t play for the team anymore. Talked about some of the terrible managing that has occured in the Pacific Division. PJ talked about Rutherford saying he needs to hire more staff.

Our Canucks Reporter, Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake. Started off by talking about the last couple of weeks. Talked about not skipping a beat. Even without Brock Boeser who has been the top performer under Boudreau. Saw the scoring spread out in Seattle which was great to see. They are finding ways to win tight games rather than early in the season they found a way to lose. Giving up the first goal is not a big deal. Have been able to chip away and find the offense they need. Talked about how Boudreau has turned around the Canucks. Talked about Tyler Myers and how he has responded to the increased workload. Talked about Elias Pettersson. Has gone 22 games without a multi game performance. It’s happening for other players. Talked about the mood at practice. Talked about the latest call-up. Talked about playoff chase. 

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