Jan. 31, 2022

January 31 2022 - Charean Williams & John Shannon

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Our NFL insider, Charean Williams joined us after another outstanding weekend of playoff action. Talked about how this weekend lived up to the expectations of the previous weekend. Talked about the difference in Mahomes first half and second half. Doesn’t know if he was still thinking about the play that got away or if he was banged up. Joe Burrow was Joe Burrow in the 2nd half. We all assumed it was probably over after the coin flip. Charean says you still have to go thru KC to get to the SB. Says the Chiefs have now figured out how hard it is to win SB’s. Talked about the quality of QB in the AFC and how hard it is for the NFC to compete for a championship. There are 4 really good QB’s in the AFC and maybe more that can live up to their expectations. It’s not like the NFC teams have to go through all those QB’s. It’s just one. It’s up the AFC teams to go through all of them. Rams look good enough to hang with the Bengals. Talked about the potential retirement of Tom Brady. Charean does think the reporting of ESPN is accurate. He really wanted it to be on his time and his turf. Thinks his wife pushed him towards the direction. He doesn’t want a farewell tour. It didn’t work out the way he wanted, with the back to back. Charean thinks this was the plan all along. We will have to wait till his official announcement for it to be official. Thinks Mike McCarthy is on the hottest of hot seats. Thinks that would open the door for Sean Payton. 

John Shannon joined Matt and Blake in his regular Monday slot. Started off talking about the passing of former HNIC exec, Ralph Mellanby. Talked about what he specifically brought from the 60’s to the 80’s. His kids are a chip off the ol’ block. Talked about Claude Julien and talked about how he got injured that will keep him away from the Olympics. He will be stuck in Davos as doctors have advised him not to fly. Julien and Colliton are similar in philosophy but expects him to be a bit more offensive. Could lead to more ice for Power and McTavish. Talked about who on the Canucks could be on the move. Garland on the block is surprising. There is no loyalty by current brass. John thinks we will hear more names. Doesn’t mean they will be traded. Just that there will be more names.

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