Jan. 28, 2022

January 28 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal, Jeff Paterson, Paul Dolan & Rob Williams

Our Canucks Insider and Friday regular, Rick Dhaliwal joined us to end the week. After clearing his throat, Ricky talked about what JT Miller is worth on the trade market. JT’s camp knows that the conversation is going on. Despite all the noise, he goes out and has a whale of a game. Talked about where we might see him traded to. He is the driver of the engine. If it’s a grand slam offer, how could you not do it. It’s got to make sense. There are a lot of things at play here. How do you trade JT now and still expect to win, as you’ve promised other players. Canucks will get calls on Schenn and Motte. Halak will also get some calls but Rick doesn’t think he will move. Talked about Ryan Johnson. Talked about how much time Covid takes within the organization. Talked about Travis Hamonic. Doesn’t know if he has been shopped around. Talked about how great mandarin oranges are. 
Our Canucks reporter and one half of the Rink Wide Podcast, Jeff Paterson joined us in his regular spot, on a non-game day. Talked about, who else, JT Miller. He certainly isn’t hurting his value on the trade front. It was a complete game for him and the hockey club. Equated the win to a past win in WAS. If your best players have an impact on the ice, pretty good chance you will come out on top. JPat answered the poll question. Could see JT having a few more seasons like he is having this one. Jeff asks what if all the other Canuck players were playing like they should. He has been consistent. If he can ever get the support than he could have a few years of this type of run. Talked about the potential of a trade. It’s not like they are giving him away. On the surface it would be a massive blow to the here and now. They will have to resign him at some point and that will be expensive. This would be a hockey trade. There isn’t a contender out there that wouldn’t have a problem getting his salary into their cap. It’s incredible value and a big part of this story. Talked about Horvat making his way back to the team. Expected to return after joining the team in CAL. Bruce will have options in goal with Demko and Halak back. Talked about defensive pairings with Poolman out. 
Paul Dolan, ex Canadian Mens National Team Goalkeeper joined Matt and Blake after a big win from the team in Honduras. Talked about Milan Borjan and the stamp that he has made in the program. Talked about his technique. Talked about Cavallini and his resurgence in the national program and hoping he comes into Caps camp looking for a bounce back. Talked about the loss of Max Crepeau. It was a shocker what transpired. Yes they got a million in GAM but it doesn’t come close to what they’ve lost with Crepeau. Likes Hasal.
Rob Williams of the Daily Hive joined Matt and Blake to wrap up the week that was for social media in Canucks world. Talked about how a JT Miller trade would go over. A lot of it depends on what you get back. There is a lot of fans that realize that you need a bit of a retool. You know whatever team he goes to, he will be a star. Talked about how many Miller jerseys we see in Vancouver. Talked about reverse retro. Thinks a flying V with current colours would be a slam dunk. Talked about a potential practice facility.

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