Jan. 25, 2022

January 25 2022 - Landon Ferraro & Patrick Johnston

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Fresh off the Olympic Mens team announcement for the Olympics, Team Canada Forward, Landon Ferraro joined Matt and Blake. It’s an unbelievable feeling and he is having a ton of fun about it. It was always one of those things that seemed so far-fetched. Knew NHL games were attainable. Being in Davos on day 1 is incredible. Talked about when he found out he was on the radar. Had a missed call from an Alberta number that he called back and found out he was on the Channel 1 team in Russia. They also told him he was on the Olympic long list. Things went well in Russia. He did everything he could do to make the team. As the time went on and the NHL announcement happened, it got even more real. Half the Channel 1 team is on the Olympic team. Talked about why he isn’t daunted by any of the Covid restrictions. He just got over the virus and is boosted. Feels safe with Hockey Canada and them doing everything they can to go in as safe as possible. Getting in and seeing the guys was a first step in thinking that this is really happening. Talked to Cammi about her time in the Olympics. Heard all the stories and is something he is looking forward to. As of right now they will still be able to move around freely. Would love to go check out other events. Still feels like he’ll be ok if he only just gets to play the games. Talked about working with Claude Julien again. Chip in offensively and someone who will be on the PK and be responsible defensively. Talked about the other BC boys on the team. Hockey is such a small world. Knows the Tamby boys. Been skating with Kent Johnson since he was 13. Said he was as good as all the pros. Talked about skating alongside Eric Staal. Talked about what an Olympic gold medal would mean. Can’t put it into words. Already such an honour to play for Canada and putting that jersey on. Didn’t get a chance to put the World Junior jersey on. At the end of the day, this is Team Canada and Team Canada goes for gold. Talked about playing on an NHL sized ice. He will always have this over Ray. 

Patrick Johnston of Post Media joined Matt and Blake in his regular spot. Started off talking about Mathieu Darche, the latest GM candidate. He is a contract guy who has done negotiation and worked in the community, TV analyst. He has a variety of experience that you want to see in modern front offices. Talked about the growth of the front office and how the Sedin twins will fit in. PJ says this is a great scenario for them. They were brought into learn. PJ also wonders where Ryan Johnson will fit in and what his future is. There is a lot of people in the mix but it’s a good situation for Daniel and Henrik. There is more experience around them and this will learn a lot from a whole bunch of people. Talked about the protocol guys who have been left behind. Answered the poll question. Will be a reason or excuse if they don’t make the playoffs. It’s an excuse all the way. In the end, your team isn’t good enough. As a former teacher, he gave them a letter grade at the midway point of the season. Talked about the Olympic team.

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