Jan. 25, 2022

January 24 2022 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), John Shannon (NHL Insider)

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Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk joined Matt and Blake after an incredible Sunday of football. Thinks it was the greatest weekend in history. All games decided on the last play. The problem is it is all downhill from here. The Championship games will have a tough time living up to that. Talked about the OT rule in football after the Bills didn't get a chance to drive down the field after a KC TD. Charean told a story of when in 2018 PM didn't get a chance to get the ball in the playoffs and the Bills shot a rule change down. That game just left you wanting more. Maybe the Bills should have tried on onside kick. It was their best chance at a surprise. The game was over after they kicked off and PM got the ball. We all knew the Chiefs were going to go down the field and win. Talked about where QB's will want to go with all the young guns in the AFC. Thinks Josh Allen will get his chance to win a SB. It should have been on Sunday. He is good enough and so is the team. Feels that game was for the SB. Talked about Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Charean talked about the future of the two hall of famers. Something has changed to make Brady change his mind, having previously said he will for sure play. Many of his favourite players are FA's. Charean doesn't think he will go out the way he did. Doesn't think he will finish his career the way he did. The question is can they put enough good players around him to go out with another chance. Thinks that both will play with their respective teams next year. The Bengals truly believe that it's their time. It won't be a walk for the Chiefs. KC needs to get down to business. The biggest advantage for CIN is that KC is taxed after the Bills game.


Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined us fresh off the Émilie Castonguay presser. He was really impressed with her, always impressed with those that can handle their business in multiple languages. A very impressive person. Referenced how emotional she got when talking about her players. Talked about what EC laid out for her vision. It will be about bringing out the best in human performance. They have gotten away from that the last few years. Talked about what she will be doing in the front office. Could take the lead on contract negotiations. Talked about where the team is at with their GM search. Expecting there will be an announcement by the end of the week. Feels like it is Allvin’s job to lose. Talked about the situation on the ice and how they have navigated all the players going on Covid protocol. Giving the Canucks an A for effort. Coming out of the weekend with a single point is pretty much all they could do. Talked about the penalty kill not getting it done. They are the worst PK unit in the NHL. Talked about the goaltending situation and if they might have to go back to UBC for a backup. Talked about Doug Jarvis and his ironman streak being eclipsed. Yandle will equal the mark tonight. Kessel will also get there in 6 weeks. Incredible to think that Covid hasn’t gotten to him. 

John Shannon joined Matt and Blake for his regular Monday appearance. Started off talking about the hiring of Émilie Castonguay. John loved what she had to say when she said, “ if you do the work, you get the job.” She is just saying that she is the AGM and not just a woman. This goes back to the hiring of Jim Rutherford being a progressive thinker. He sees the game changing. Jim is a survivor and has a good sense on what is going on. He has always been thinking on the cutting edge. The moment he walked out of the PIT office he said to himself he will get back and he will be progressive. This is caterpillar to butterfly the last three months. Hiring the AGM before the GM makes you think that the Canucks were going to hire already and ran it by all the prospective candidates. Talked about hiring agents. It was telling to see her become emotional when talking about her clients. It says that she becomes fully entrenched in the job. We are seeing the growth and evolution of a front office.

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