Jan. 22, 2022

January 21 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal (Donnie & Dhali The Team), Chris Gear (Daily Face-off), Rob Williams (Daily Hive)

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Rick Dhaliwal joined Matt and Jeff for his regular Friday appearance. Talked about the lineup the Canucks are icing tonight. Ran through all the guys that are out. Talked about when the calvary might be back. Was told 10 days for everybody. Talked about the 4th line and what Rutherford thinks about it. If you look at it, three guys with low salaries working their ass off. Motte is one of the guys who makes that line tick. Talked about Rachel Doerrie. The team has known about her as awhile. Talked about what the analytics department is all about. Talked about Mike Futa as a GM. Has been told that he is not in the mix for the GM job. Ricky thinks Rutherford has a pretty good idea who it will be. Talked about who could be traded next. JT Miller is a guy that clearly teams are calling on. Talked about Hamonic. The time he has been out is injury related. 

Former Canucks AGM, Chris Gear joined Matt and Jeff to talk about his time with the club. Says he hasn’t fully joined the dark side (the media) but that he got the call from Frank Seravalli. Just wanted to try it to keep him busy. Has had some good feedback from the first few articles and hopes it isn’t beginners luck. Wants to take his time and be open to all sorts of discussions. Talked about if he has had time to decompress. It was a bit of a blow when it happened after 11 and a half years. It’s always the risk when you move to the hockey ops side, out of legal. Thought he might have survived the drop after Green and Benning were relieved of their duties. It is what it is at this point. He has moved on and they have moved on. Talked about his tweet addressing his dismissal from CSE. Talked about he got started with the club. Was working with VANOC. Got to know the organization from their work with the building agreement. His first file at the Canucks was the Bertuzzi incident and was on his desk for 4 years, before it was settled. Talked about the makeup of the front office while he was there. Not sure there is a perfect size or if VAN had an optimal size. Talked about having different points of view in the room. It strengthens you, gives you feedback and challenges bias’s people might have. Talked about having the stomach to get back into it. Says it is stressful but the job is great. If the opportunity comes again, would be tough to turn down. Talked about his columns with Daily Faceoff. Talked about Evander Kane. Talked about guys who are lighting it up under the league minimum. 

Rob Williams of the Daily Hive joined Matt and Jeff. Talked about the collaboration between Sekeres and Price and Daily Hive. People are loving the editorials turned to print. Talked about the ticket debacle that will ensue when people show up to the game and their tickets aren’t valid. Talked about how many season ticket holders there are. Talked about the theme nights where they celebrate diversity. Not a lot of teams celebrate the way the Canucks do. They should have been doing this long ago. It’s a PR slam dunk.

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