Jan. 21, 2022

January 20 2022 - Scott Rintoul (Vancouver Sportscaster), Jack Fraser (JFresh Hockey)

Vancouver sportscaster, Scott Rintoul joined for his regular Thursday hit. Talked about Rachel Doerrie. She is a very smart, young woman who has worked in the NHL before. Has done plenty of research in the game. She has worked on projects that quantify hockey IQ. Scotty thinks she disrupts the space, which some people will find uncomfortable. This is a diverse hire but doesn’t think it’s the last one. Checkmark for the organization. Thinks that one of the three AGM spots will be a female. It’s about time, we need more of this. PK woes are personal related. Even with new coach bump. Talked about EP40. Beyond the goals, he looks more dangerous. Talked about Boudreau comments on Höglander. Bruce likes to make jokes but he is a realist. Scotty doesn’t have an issue with Bruce’s description of Nils. Scotty says NH came flying out of the gate. Talked about who will start in goal for the Canucks vs the Panthers. Would love to see MDP but odds are that it is Spencer Martin. Talked about Crepeau leaving the Whitecaps. Likened it to Ousted leaving. It’s a stunning move for the organization at this time. Talked about his 49ers. Saw some problems with Dallas. Jack Fraser, JFresh Hockey, joined Matt and Jeff to talk about analytics. Talked about what most sticks out analytics wise this season. Still a very flawed team but there are much brighter spots under the hood than compared to the last few seasons. The team struggles to carry the puck into the offensive zone and create chances. Thinks that was very intentional by Travis Green. When you have a team that struggles to create shots of the rush, you will be in trouble. 4th in shots off the cycle. 31st in zone entries, leading to a chance. Talked about league interest for JT Miller. Without a doubt he would fill a lot of boxes for a lot of team. He has a good track record of production. There are warts that can be pointed out in his game. The extra year will make it more desirable. Miller fits the category of Rutherford wanting to make a big change. Talked about Elias Pettersson. This has been a season with a little bit of turmoil for the Canucks. We all know the player he is and it’s a little too early to ring the panic button. Second half of the season will be finding a rhythm and getting into more dangerous spots around the ice. Talked about Rachel Doerrie. She has a strong hockey background. She is trying to find new ways to quantify the game. Has very little doubt that the Canucks will not regret the hire.

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