Jan. 19, 2022

January 19 2022 - Darren Dreger (TSN NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Darren Dreger, host of Ray and Dregs and Podcast joined Matt and Blake for his regular Wednesday hit. Started with the Canucks front office. Talked about why Allvin isn’t such a slam dunk. Was reminded that he is very likely going to make the short list of five or six candidates. We do know there are a couple that have been made public. Talked about Sean Burke and will echo the comments of Sekeres. Don’t make the mistake of making Allvin the front runner. Doens’t mean he won’t get the job. Talked about Ryan Johnson. There is a chance he rises in the Rutherford era. The fact he was kept on board is credit to the Aquilini’s. Thinks that Jim had a handle of what he was about and wanted to get to know more. Even if he isn’t GM, that doesn’t mean he isn’t an importance peice moving forward. Talked about if there could be a parallel between the Kent Hughes hiring in MTL. Talked about the roles a diversity candidate could fulfill. Talked about the timeline for new management. Says that Jimmy is hungry and doesn’t want to sit around for a rebuild to happen as he gets up there in age. Whatever he does is going to strengthen the team. Says Motte is his type of player. There would be a conversation with the agent before making a move on Motte. There is a market for him, depends on supply and demand. Thinks a draft pick for sure. How high, is the question. Dregs said he will ask Ray why he is so “pissy”. Talked about that situation. Dregs didn’t like it from either account. The assembled media who lead the pack, weren’t there. Feels like Jim would have phrased it differently. Leon didn’t like the approach he took at Koskinen. The belief internally is that is why Leon went about it the way he did. Dregs thinks that we will have some news on the GM front by the time we speak again, next Wednesday. 

Our Canucks reporter and one half of the Rink Wide Podcast, Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake in his normal slot. Talked about performances of the season. Thinks that WAS game was a very good performance. Talked about EP40 and the kid line he is on with Höglander and Podkolzin. Talked about Canucks players in Covid protocol. Talked about how they will utilize Demko as they need more wins to keep the playoff push alive. Talked about Lammikko and how he and his line could be utilized. Talked about Tyler Motte and how much longer he will be a Canuck. Not sure anyone should be putting penalty killer on their business card if they are a Vancouver Canuck. It’s a red flag. You like everything about the guy on and off the ice. He is an open book. Honest as the day is long. JPat does view him as a trade-chip. Talked about this trip being what Jim needed to see. Now he can go about shaking it up the way he wants.

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