Jan. 18, 2022

January 17 2022 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), John Shannon (NHL Insider)

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Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk joined Matt and Blake after the Super Wild Card Weekend. Talked about the officiating in Dallas. Says that any criticism is unfair. Have to put it on the Cowboys. Talked about Jerry Jones. Talked about the process in finding a new coach, should they want to replace Mike McCarthy. Talked about the QB carousel in the NFL. Talked about the RW3 saga and if he will or won’t explore his options oustide of Seattle. Wouldn’t be suprised if he moved on. Charean asks who would be the QB for the Hawks if he does move on. Starting QB’s don’t grow on trees. Talked about the AFC matchups. Thinks the Bengals and the Bills are playing the best. Would be totally unbelievable to see either of those teams in the SB, going up against the Packers. 

Our Canucks reporter and one half of the Rink Wide Podcast, Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake for his daily regular appearance. Talked about the skilled players making skilled plays in the win against WAS. Talked about the game EP40 had. There was no better story but others had a great game as well. Talked about who they might see this week, in goal. Will be three straight opponents coming off a game the day before. Talked about EP40 post game comments. Says he has to own his performance this season. If he was prominent on a few more nights, they would be sitting in a better spot in the standings. Talked about EP40 on the wing. Can’t declare that this is the start of something incredible. Talked about the Botchford Project fellows and when we might see them at Rogers Arena. 

John Shannon, NHL insider, joined Matt and Blake for his regular Moday appearance on the show. Talked about all the snow at his home. Started off chatting about Scott Mellanby and Sean Burke. Scott has paid his dues. He used to work for Mike Gillis as a consultant with the Canucks. It was Scott that convinced Gillis to put an offer sheet on David Backes. He has worked very hard at the craft. Was a very good hockey player. John says he would be a great choice. Very quiet and discrete guy who would do a very good job for the Canucks. Talked about Sean Burke. He has worked hard at the craft of being in the business. Worked hard in MTL as a consultant and goalie coach. Was on the short list in EDM that Holland got. Solid person in the game. Talked about why Mellanby quite MTL. Talked about the past legal troubles in the past. John says that he is more of a complete person now than when the assault occured. Thinks that Mellanby can do the job without the tutelage of Rutherford. Talked about the plans outside of Allvin. There needs to someone who can be a capologist. Talked about the schedule moving forward. Says that fifty percent capactiy is better than zero. Thinks we will hear about the Olympic team a week from Monday, likely the 24th of January. Talked about Eric Staal. He isn’t on the list right now but the key word is “yet”. Likes the American team. Not sure about their goaltending but they can skate and shoot the puck. Told a story about being in charge at the Nagano games. He had better access the Gary and Brian Burke. Say former Blackhawks owner, Bill Wirtz standing in line to watch a hockey game. Doesn’t think we’ll hear about a new GM this week but he could be wrong. 

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