Jan. 15, 2022

January 14 2022 - Bruce Boudreau (Canucks Head Coach), Rick Dhaliwal (Donnie and Dhali The Team), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Rob Williams (The Daily Hive)

Vancouver Canucks head coach, Bruce Boudreau joined Matt and Blake for the first time. Says that any coach when they lose is not happy. No matter how well you play, you want to win as often as you can. Thought they were only ok in FLA despite the layoff. It’s pretty good to keep them to 21 shots but you still want to win. Talked about his apporach and how his mood affects the team. When they are winning, you have to push the team harder or they get complaicent. When you are losing you have to have more of a parental approach. Today was an all positive day because they are doing a lot of things right. Talked about going into Carolina, against a top team, they are in for their best game after CAR got spanked by CBJ. Talked about players that have suprised him. Mentioned Demko. Knew he was a good goalie but he was so good when he first got here. QH43 is a better player than he was from a distance. JT Miller is a really competetive, good hockey player. A lot of them came as advertised. Talked about wanting Tyler Myers to shoot more. Wants OEL to be the OEL of 4 years ago in ARI. Talked about some of his high-scoring d-men that he has had before that allows for a high tempo game. So far as not sacrificing the defensive game. Talked about moving Petey to the wing. Had some good passes, one to Horvat and another to Garland. Was in on 8 offensive chances yesterday so it sort of helped him. Gotta go through the bad to get to the good. When he starts scoring, hopefully from that LW position, he will start scoring that pace Canucks fans are accustomed to. Drives him crazy that people would start to write off this season with so many games left. You don’t need a 20 game win streak but if they get through this road trip with a couple wins they will be right there with everyone else. Talked about Jaro Halak and his utilization. Says he doesn’t care about his contract situation and that Jim hasn’t managed any of that. Talked about Ovi and how to defend him. Says that you have to take him for dinner and leave him there. 

Our Canucks reporter and one half of the Rink Wide show, Jeff Paterson, joined Matt and Blake for his daily hit. Talked about the Florida road trip. Thinks that FLA is one of the best stops for the Canucks with the hotel right across from the arena. Talked about the best players not being good enough for the first 2 games of this road trip. Wonders how you can have 8 minutes of PP time and only log one shot on net. Nobody will argue with how they beat Tampa. You won’t beat them with only your 4th line producing. Says that the Canucks need 10 chances to get a goal when Tampa can have Stamkos go with one chance and it’s in the back of the net. Talked about the poll question and who the most charismatic coach in Canucks history is. Lots of good options, JPat says. Talked about dealing with Pat Quinn as a young broadcaster. Told a story about Pat Quinn telling Jeff to start over as Pat could tell he was a bit out of his element, not being able to get the first few questions out. Talked about Bruce Boudreau interview and how Bruce came to the decision to put EP40 on the wing. Talked about the red flags from EP40. Not writing him off but we haven’t seen what makes him such a great player at this level. Hasn’t been an even strenght point in the 5 games since Christmas. They can afford to put him there because they are completely healthy, as far as the top 9 forwards. 

RIck Dhaliwal of The Team joined Matt and Blake. Started off with what he knows about Sean Burke as a potential GM. He impressed and has a chance at a 2nd interview. Allvin is still a guy that everyone thinks that it’s his job to lose. Says that you can reference teams calling Evander Kane that they don’t care about past transgretions, as is the case with Burke. Talked about the timeline for Kane. They still have teams to talk to but than news broke about him crossing the border with Covid. Rick says he understands the hesitation from the public but it’s about winning. He is going to come cheap. Yes there are issues and baggage but he is still a top 6 winger that could put a team over the top. Talked about bringing a woman into the front office. Thinks they would like to add a diversity hire. Had heard Kevin Weekes but that was shut down. Jen Botterill was a name that was out there but it’s probably not going to happen. Talked about QH43 needing more help for offensive production. Wondering if Hamonic is a guy that could possibly move. Motte is another guy that could move as Will Lockwood is a guy that could step in and fill that role. Talked about Halak and him being on the move. Rick doesn’t think he will waive. Talked about Sutter. He is a guy that you feel for, right now. 

Rob Williams, of the Daily Hive, joined Matt and Blake for the first of his new weekly hit. Talked about what he will be joining us for, down the road. Started off talking about Kodak Black. Had to admit he had never heard of him, for being the young and hip guy. What a story for Canucks Twitter. Had to go back to 1974 to the time the Penthouse hired 3 streakers to run onto the ice. 

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