Jan. 13, 2022

January 13 2022 - Trevor Lai (Artist/Animator/Canucks Fan), Scott Rintoul

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Trevor Lai, the artist who created the Canucks Lunar jerseys, joined Matt and Blake. Talked about how the association with the Canucks came to be. Says he is the biggest hockey and Canucks fan in China. Says he reached out to the team and the league to find out how to grow the game in China. Talked about BOOMi, one of his characters, who has accumulated over five billions views. He pitched that the best way to grow the game is to grow it through kids and cartoons. He created a series on how to play hockey. Talked about how the anti-asian sentiment really hurt. The Canucks reached out to see what they could do. Talked about how he integrated the Chinese community into the design. Credits the Canucks for giving him so much creative control. Talked about playing beer league hockey in Shanghai.

Vancouver sports broadcaster, Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake in his regular Thursday spot. Started with the Canucks and who could be coming to the front office. Shared his thoughts on Sean Burke and what he would bring. There would be some PR that is needed with his domestic violence allegations. It was short lived but needs to be addressed. Feels there is a way past that due to his relationship with Rutherford. There are a lot of reasons that make sense. Talked about Patrik Allvin. Thinks he makes the most sense among the finalists becuase he is the kind of executive that Rutherford has described in the past as to what he is looking for. Talked about Rutherford bringing in a female AGM. Says it is good becuase this organization needs more diverse opinions and there are many qualified women. Talked about Clancey and his view on analytics. Talked about when EP40 will figure it out. Thinks it’ll be next season as every game goes by. Not worried about his level athletisicm. His hockey IQ and vision are top level. That doesn’t just disappear. Talked about Luke Schenn, who recieved his Stanley Cup ring. Scotty loves his story. He was told he was done in ANA and took his opportunity in VAN and turned that into two rings in TBay. Talked about the Cowboys vs 9ers matchup this weekend. 

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