Jan. 12, 2022

January 12 2022 - Darren Dreger (TSN Hockey Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

NHL Insider and host of Ray and Dregs, Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake for his regular Wednesday appearance. Talked about the difficulty in chasing around rescheduling. Teams are eagerly waiting the release of the full schedule. As nice as it would be for all teams to have a 5-7 day break, the NHL needs that calendar real estate. PA hasn’t had that conversation with the league yet, where the season would be extended. They are going to have to use every day available to them. The concern is how many back to back games there will be, how the travel looks. Talked about Evander Kane and where he might go. Doesn’t understand why it’s the NHL looking into the cross-border transgretions. Thinks that Kane’s team was blindsided by this. The NHL doens’t know what the outcome will be. Talked about the potential of him going to the Oilers. Connor McDavid would involved in those conversations. Dregs understands that Connor isn’t shy about letting managment know what he thinks should be done. Talked about the Canucks GM chair that is still open. His sources are reluctant to say who is coming in for in-person interviews. Talked about the potential of Pat Verbeek. Dregs can’t distance that name. Talked about Verbeek as a player and the sandpaper that is there. Talked about Bobby Clarke throwing Ron Hextall under the bus. Says that Hextall wasn’t that great at sharing his vision around the rest of the organization. Just seems wierd taht Clarke would throw it out there. 

Jeff Paterson, our Canucks reporter and one half of Rink Wide, joined Matt and Blake. Talked about all he has learned in the last 24 hours with the “Kodak moment” last night. Talked about how good the Panthers are as a team. They are a deep team that can spread their goals around. Goals from defense has become a topic in this town because the Canucks just aren’t getting enough production from the backend. Talked about getting Rathbone in to boost those numbers. JPat has all the time for the conversation but how much longer are they going to get nothing from the right side. Talked about how this team needs to score more goals. Five of the games Bruce has coached, they have scored 1 or 2. You would take contributions from other parts of the lineup. Talked about EP40. Says he couldn’t even figure out how to get shots on. This simplest of tasks are difficult for this guy. One point in four games since Christmas break. Jeff is worried about Pettersson. Talked about Tanner Pearson. He must have gotten a membership to Fight Club for Christmas. Thinks that he has held his own in the last couple fights. Says that he has played to his strengths under Boudreau. 

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