Jan. 11, 2022

January 11 2022 - Ben Boudreau (Head Coach Fort Wayne Komets), Patrick Johnston (Canucks Reporter)

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Ben Boudreau, Bruce’s kid and head coach of the ECHL’s Fort Wayne Komets. Says he bought some ‘Bruce there it is’ shirts that he will be wearing next time he is in town. Talked about what his dad thinks about it. Says that Bruce doesn’t hate it, he just wants the attention to go where it should. Says he doesn’t worry about his dad too much. Hockey is a way of life. Talked about how many different cities the family has been through. Talked about all the opportunities he has chased and how his hockey career went from player to coach. Talked about what Bruce is like as a dad. Told a great story of how Bruce interupted his presentation. Can’t say if he shares the same coaching approach. Ben has never been in the same room. Says they have a lot of similarites in their “use” of the english language. Talked about family life through all the travels. Talked about the dream of coaching on the same bench as Bruce. Says he doens’t have the American experience and he is still cutting his teeth. Talked about some of the guys he has coached in the east coast league that have played in the NHL. Talked about what a Stanley Cup would mean to the Boudreau family. It’s the one elusive thing that Bruce hasn’t won yet. Says that he thinks it’s motivation to keep going. 

Patrick Johnston of the Province joined Matt and Blake. Talked about the adventure his family has been on the last 9 months with his wife actiing as a surrogate for their friends. Talked about Benning getting the Juolevi pick wrong. Thinks it was such a misfire. If they had hit homers on the Juolevi and Virtanen picks, the state of this team would be different. They missed on both of them. Thinks Benning would still be employed if they went in another direction. Talked about who they would have gone with instead of Juolevi. Talked about the upcoming road trip. This is the test to see what the team has and lacks. Finally they get to play a bunch of games because they are going to areas that don’t care too much about restrictions. The result today isn’t as important as the result in Tampa. Need to look back after the trip is done. 

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