Jan. 11, 2022

January 10 2022 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), John Shannon (NHL Insider)

Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk joined Matt and Blake to wrap up Week 18 and the season. Talked about the day that was yesterday. Says that when the league announced they were going to 17 games that the last week would be awful. That was not the case. The most exciting week she has seen in a long, long time. Hoping that the playoffs carry the momentum of the final Sunday. Talked about some of these teams that had nothing to play for go out and make it interesting for teams that were still in contention. Talked about the Seahawks. Thinks that the team won’t make any signifigant changes. Would be over 50 million dollars to Pete if they let him go. That’s an awful lot of money to pay someone not to coach. Talked about coaching changes around the league. Talked about Flores getting the boot in Miami. He wasn’t on Charean’s list. This is a team that should be in Super Bowl contention. Wonders if Tua is the QB of the future. Talked about the New York area teams. Wonders if Joe Judge wants to be there with the Giants. Talked about the Vikings and the future of Kirk Cousins. Charean has real questions about Cousins and if he can take advantage of what is around him. Thinks he’ll be there one more year. Talked about what she is looking forward to next weekend. So many things that are intriguing about the weekend.

NHL Insider, John Shannon, joined Matt and Blake for the first time this year. John took issue with Happy New Year wishes so late into the month. Talked about postponments and adding to the 102 already that need to be made up. Suspects that teams won’t get many breaks from now until the end of the season. John thinks that will go into May. Talked about the all-star game and if it will go forward. Wonders if we will hear from players who don’t want to go. Thinks that players won’t care about one game, because of how many games have already been missed. Talked about why the Canucks vs Senators got postponed. John hears that there was a challenge from the public health authorities. Says he thinks that this was the Canucks doing a favour to Dr. Henry. Talked about the remaining road trip games OTT will have out west. Talked about hockey generated revenue. So much of the money comes from the 7 Canadian teams. Thinks the flexibility factor is something that will stick around. Perhaps they will do the first half and leave the last half to a later date. Talked about the Olympic team and who we might see on. Talked about who would even be eligible. Talked about if we might see a World Cup of Hockey. John would do 8 teams. Knows it will upset somebody but that will happen regardless. Talked about Evander Kane. Would be suprised if we see him this season but thinks that by the offseason Kane’s agent will have got him a tryout somewhere in the league. 

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined us. Started off by answering the poll question, saying he is excited about the upcoming road trip. Thinks the players should come out like being fired out of a cannon. Talked about the trend of winning one-goal games. Thinks they will have a trouble with a stacked Florida team. JPat talked about Canucks players in Covid protocol. Amazing that EP40 didn’t miss a game and Boeser missed minimal games with all his time. Curious to see where Boeser will be with everything. He was playing so well and scoring at a terrific rate. Talked about Travis Hamonic. He is not on the road trip. Was injured in 2nd game Boudreau coached. Jeff isn’t sure that this team needs Hamonic right now. Talked about Jason Dickinson. Talked about line deployment. Any line with JT Miller on it, has to be the top line with the way he is producing. Talked about the potential of Rutherford going out and getting a lefthanded defenseman. Talked about Evander Kane. Doens’t think it’s worth the hastle. Trouble will show up on your doorstep with this player. It could be a low-cost option but to Jeff it doens’t feel like Boudreau would want to take on this sort of thing in this part of the process. Talked about his letter grades for Canucks players at the midway point of the season.

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