Feb. 10, 2022

February 9 2022 - Bob “THE MOJ” Marjanovich & Darren Dreger

Our good friend, the Moj, joined Matt and Blake from Los Angelas. Talked about some people he has run into on radio row. Talked about the difference in not having a network behind him. Says it is different but at the end of the day when you get down to business, it’s all the same. Talked about the lead-up to Sunday and how busy it gets. Talked about the big game and who has the edge. Rams have the edge in every category, other than QB. If the Bengals are going to win the game they need a turnover from Stafford. Talked about Joe Burrow. Says he does not get rattled, even after getting sacked 9 times in a game. Talked about the Lions going all Canadian at QB. Moj is glad they fell short in other areas. Talked about the one year since 1040 had the plug pulled. Says the frustrating part is that the station was never stronger. 
Darren Dreger, NHL insider and host of the Ray and Dregs Podcast joined Matt and Blake in his regular spot. Started off with the breaking news of Marty St. Louis being named the interim head coach for the Habs. Knew something was happening after the game last night. The only reason he can defend it is because it is short term and he has an intellect for the game. He has 2 months to prove he is an NHL coach. Maybe he isn’t quite ready but good enough that he was some consideration. Talked about some of the other names if Marty doesn’t pan out. Dregs noted a hall of famer that said it was a no-brainer. Talked about Alex Burrows. They had internal options and none of them were considered options for short lived opportunity. Dregs not ready to be critical of this without seeing it play out. This is a fantastic story and why not take a flyer on it. Talked about the millions being paid to multiple coaches being paid, not to coach. Talked about the Flames. Talked about Toffoli and if he might be a fit there. Talked about ARI strategy. Shouldn’t be surprised that they are a contract parking spot. Basically everyone is for sale. Talked about ARI moving to a 5k seating arena. Dregs says he has tuned out all this ARI talk. Says that owners are surprised that we don’t keep talking about it. Says everyone is tired of hearing the same old story.

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