Feb. 8, 2022

February 8 2022 - Cheryl Pounder, Patrick Johnston, Nathalie Rees

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Cheryl Pounder of the Olympic broadcasting contortion and gold medal winner joined Matt and Blake after a big Canadian win over the US in Beijing. Talked about the process of broadcasting when you aren’t in the host city and the time difference is so large. It’s a ton of fun anytime you put the Olympic rings to it. Talked about the game. It had a little bit of everything. From a penalty shot to all the special teams. Debiens made no question as to who the number 1 in goal is going forward. Loved seeing the youth and the veteran leaders. Talked about Sarah Fillier. Scoring in your first game then again on your second game. There is no ceiling to this athlete. Always knew she would be a generational player. She has the ability to deliver. Talked about how difficult it is to beat the Americans twice in one tournament. Talked about the narrative of Women's hockey not being competitive. Talked about the work the Fins have put in to close the gap. Talked about the work Canada is putting in to develop players.

Patrick Johnston joined us in his regular Tuesday spot. Started off by talking about how soft the Canucks ticket market is. In a 50% environment, there are still single tickets available. Talked about Roussel. He was upbeat as a guy who is still thankful to be a pro hockey player. He talked about EP40 and the comparison to Clayton Keller. Talked about Loui Eriksson. Thinks people have moved on. Talked about OEL and the difference in contracts between him and Loui. Talked about Tucker Poolman and his illness.

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