Feb. 7, 2022

February 7 2022 - John Shannon, Jeff Paterson, Charean Williams

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Our NHL Insider and co-host of the Bob McCown podcast, John Shannon joined Matt and Blake in his regular Monday spot. Talked about Rutherford’s appearance on his show, late last week. John shared his thoughts on what most jumped out to him. Thinks it was interesting that he is not admitting to any major surgery will be done by March 21st. Thinks he really downplayed it, being so non-committal. Talked about how hockey people are creatures of habit. With the deadline being later, any trade talk right now is premature. Thinks MAF will be the number 1 discussed player. Thinks COL would be a good suitor but can’t take him early due to cap issues. Talked about Gary and his comments regarding Canada. What may happen is some date-swaps. Talked about ARI and where they could play. Talked about Rocky Wirtz and his comments that went unpunished by the NHL. Says there is nothing the NHL can do to punish him. Says that it’s up to the media and season ticket holders to provide checks and balances. John thinks Gary has a new contract that will keep him at the top for a long time. 

Our Canucks reporter and one half of the Rink Wide Show, Jeff Paterson joined us. Started talking about how the Canucks will fare without Quinn Hughes this week as he has entered Covid protocol. Thinks that the team should be able to take care of ARI without QH43. You’d want him back for the game on Saturday vs the Leafs. Talked about OEL quarterbacking the PP. It’s 20th with Quinn so OEL should be able to step in for a week and hold his own. Last thing this team needs is to be fooled with a win over ARI. 

Charean Williams joined us from Los Angelas, home of the SB this year. Sunny and warm this year. Pretty quiet so far but will pick up as the week moves on. Talked about the restrictions with everything going on. Sure the convention centre won’t be as crowded. Only in-person availability is on Friday. Talked about the Rams being the away team at home. The Bengals are a confident bunch. Talked about the potential of Stafford making it to the Hall of Fame. Talked about Kyler Murray and him stripping all mention of the Cardinals from social media. Talked about Lovie Smith and being on his way to HOU. Charean gave her prediction for the big game.

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