Feb. 4, 2022

February 3 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Jeff Paterson

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Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake in his regular Thursday spot. Started off talking about his 49ers. Overall it was a successful season. They were on the precipice of being back in the SB. Though, they aren’t constructed to be one with the current roster. The Canucks should not call themselves a playoff team. They have the team that if they were to get into a playoff series, they could hang in there. But don’t view them a playoff team now. The fan base seems to be ready for the next phase. Talked about the untouchables. Talked about the stars of the team and their production. Talked about the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team. He is enjoying the ride. Enjoying it as much as he has enjoyed the women's side the last 20 years. Has been waiting a long time for this. Never foresaw a perfect window. They are the best team in qualifying right now. Talked about what this run could do for a future generation of Canadians. Talked about the ugly of Rocky Wirtz and what he said at the townhall. 

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular, non-game day spot. Started off by talking about Rocky Wirtz and his damning words at a townhall. Like everybody, he was shocked at what he heard. Talked about what is wrong with the power structure. It’s embarrassing. Talked about what will be talked about at Gary’s state of the union through all-star weekend. The silence has been deafening. This should serve as a notice to all owners. We had already thought the change was here. Talked about the Canucks. Says they need more everywhere except for the net. Talked about the Oilers. Goaltending hasn’t been an issue as they have been able to solidify that. The trade chatter around the Oilers has quieted as far as selling. Talked about the Ducks GM search coming to an end. There is a lot to like about the situation in Anaheim. Talked about Olympic hockey. Loves the story of those who never thought they’d have the chance. Answered our poll question.

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