Feb. 28, 2022

February 28 2022 - Slava Malamud & John Shannon

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Russian hockey writer, Slava Malamud, joined Matt and Blake to talk about the situation in Ukraine. He doesn’t agree that Russian players should be suspended. Says that teams should be punished but not individual players. FIFA, who are in the pockets of Russians, had no choice. They could award RUS a world cup spot by forfeit IIHF, also in the pocket of Russia, had no choice. Thinks that Canadians in the KHL needs to be concerned about their financial wellbeing. The ruble is tanking. Talked about how Putin utilizes sport. Sports is an integral part of foreign policy. Sports were governed by the propaganda ministry. When they underperformed, that department had to answer for the struggles. People in Russia will be scratching their heads when there is no more international sport. They will wonder where their soccer team is. Talked about the freedom to speak freely of Russian athletes. Talked about Mogilny’s defection. His family was not hurt despite all the threats against him personally. Talked about Ovechkin and the statement he made. Slava says there is no regret on Ovi’s part about Putin’s actions. Talked about how it’s tough to sanction individual players who represent themselves or the corporate teams they play for. 

John Shannon, Co-Host of the Bob McCown Podcast. Started off by saying he thinks the Canucks are back in the playoff chase. When you go into MSG and beat the Rangers the way they did, that isn’t easy. Game vs the Devils isn’t easy but it will be easier. Thinks that Rutherford will be swayed by these recent results. Too much money at stake, now that they are at full arenas. Thinks that Halak will get moved out of town. Talked about Anaheim and their tactic of saying they will move UFA’s if not signed by deadline. Says Pat Verbeek has nothing to lose.

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