Feb. 25, 2022

February 25 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal, Jeff Paterson & Rob Williams

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Host of Donnie and Dhali, Rick Dhaliwal joined Matt and Blake in his regular Friday slot. Says the best players were the best players and that the CAL win streak started and ended with the Canucks. Says that not enough people talked about the Demko glove save that happened at 1-0. Everything that could have gone right, went right. Talked about EP40 and if he is ‘back’. He scored with authority last night. The Canucks need him to be doing that every single game. Talked about Horvat and the difference he makes when he is engaged in the game laying hits and scoring goals. Talked about trades. To trade a player of Miller’s magnitude would be upsetting to the dressing room. Let’s see how this road trip goes. When you are 3 points out of the wild card, you need to be patient. Would take a knock your socks off type of offer to move any Canucks right now. Talked about Luke Schenn. Can’t have enough guys like that on your team. They are taking lots of calls on a lot of players. It’s clear they are in listening mode right now. Conversations with agents happen everyday. It’s not a big deal when talking about contracts. Talked about college free agents. Rick ripped into Blake for correction him on pronunciation.

Jeff Paterson was back with the guys in his regular non-gameday spot. Talked about the big win against the Flames. Talked about feeling bad for Dan Vladar. Was nice to see them cash in on the powerplay. Talked about where the Canucks focus should be, playoffs or trade deadline. Talked about Dickinson coming out of the lineup with injury. JPat says let's be honest, they won’t miss him. The prize for getting into the playoffs is COL. They don’t want to see them in the playoffs. JPat wants the Canucks to be COL next year or the year after. You can talk about experience but you need to have a longer term vision.

The national sports editor of the Daily Hive, Rob Williams joined Matt and Blake to wrap up the week in social media for the Canucks. Says last night was special and the jerseys made it that much better. You had that 90’s on 90’s look on the ice. Talked about where to take the jerseys from here. Wonders what the record of the Canucks is with all these different jerseys on. Feels there is something to it all. Noted the irony of the owner getting in the way of the cash cow that would be more of a move to the flying skate. Talked about Chase Claypool being at the game. 

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