Feb. 25, 2022

February 24 2022 - Vanni Sartini, Scott Rintoul & Olympian Meryeta O’Dine

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Vanni Sartini, Whitecaps coach, joined Matt and Blake 2 days out from their season opener in Columbus. Talked about who is ready to go. Talked about if Ryan Gauld can bring more than he did last season. Talked about their goaltending situation. They have 100% confidence in Thomas Hasal. Talked about what he knows about the Crew. They watched their friendly games but imagine they are going with a certain structure from last year. Key players are the season. 4—2-3-1 is what they are expecting. Don’t want to give up easy ball in the midfield. They only way to eliminate good players is not giving them good chances. Talked about realistic expectations. They goal is to make it to the playoffs and build off last year. To show everyone that last year wasn’t a fluke. This leagues is so unpredictable and tight. 

Scott Rintoul, our Thursday regular and Vancouver Sportscaster joined Matt and Blake. Talked about the anniversary of the 02 Olympic Gold Medal. Told us what he was working his first story for Sports Page. Talked about Flames that we wish were still Canucks. Talked about Tyler Toffoli. Talked about the potential of a Grey Cup to Vancouver in 2024. Talked about the pricing of the event and it losing its way. Talked about the USFL draft. Talked about the Whitecaps. 

Double Olympic medalist, Meryeta O’Dine joined Matt and Blake, on her birthday! Talked about coming home with a couple medals around her neck. Says it was surreal to be home for the first time in 5 months. It’s a lot different than what you expect. Talked about what it was like to see friends and family in real time. Was so great to see all of her high school friends. Talked about how she got into snowboarding. Talked about what it was like to board in Prince George with all the different weather. Told the story about how she had to sneak into the family owned resort to get a pair of boots and a board. Says she was bad at it for almost two years. Talked about her journey through the sport and the teams she was on. Talked about competing against legends of the sport. Talked about Stoko. Talked about where the career goes from here. No plans to get a real job.

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