Feb. 22, 2022

February 22 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

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Patrick Johnston of the Province joined Matt and Blake in his regular Tuesday spot. Started off by chatting about who the Canucks’ biggest rival is. Talked about Dave Hakstol and if he has the chops to be an NHL coach. Talked about what is wrong with the Kraken. They need goaltending. Talked about the lines that need to produce. Talked about the Lammikko line and why it’s firing on all cylinders. Talked about Lammikko and his journey to his current role in the team at the moment. 

Jeff Paterson, our Canucks reporter and co-host of Rink Wide joined in his regular, non-game day spot. Started off by answering the poll question and who the Canucks biggest rival is. Says that in the here and now they are without a rival. That is nothing new to Canucks fans. Talked about the game vs the Kraken. There were some goals that the Canucks just can’t allow to happen. There was a lapse in the first period but they were the better team on the night. Talked about EP40. Didn’t think he was the best player on the ice but finished with a couple of assists. His start to the season was unacceptable for someone making seven million dollars. If he can continue the way he has for the last bunch of game and build into next season, then there is enough there that fans will be happy with. Talked about Bo Horvat and how his offence  has dried up.

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