Feb. 2, 2023

February 2 2023 - Barry Macdonald, Tom Larscheid & Tony Gallagher

A special S&P Presents: Vancouver Media Legends. Matt and Blake are delighted to catch up with three former colleagues who are now retired. With so much recent talk about Canucks history -- low moments, captains being traded to the NYI -- the guys felt the time was right to talk to reporters and broadcasters who have chronicled so much of it. Plus, all three gentlemen catch us up on their lives today. Barry Macdonald joins remotely after he felt compelled to post on the Canucks treatment of former head coach Bruce Boudreau. Barry gives us his feelings about the way the team is currently being run and shares some incredible stories about the late Gino Odjick. Tom Larscheid still shoots his age on the golf course -- and he'll be 83 this spring! That twinkle in his eye, that pep in his voice...it all shines through as it did for 28 years in the Canucks broadcast booth. Tony Gallagher is busy travelling the country and the world in retirement, but has instant recall of so much of Canucks history. He might surprise listeners when asked about the low moments in club history.

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