Feb. 17, 2022

February 17 2022 - Cam Robinson, Scott Rintoul & Cheryl Pounder

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The Director of Film and Scouting for Elite Prospects, Cam Robinson joined Matt and Blake to talk prospects. Talked about Rangers prospects. Dove into what Braden Schneider brings. Thinks that Rangers wouldn’t want to give him up unless the package is right. Talked about Nils Lundkvist. Thinks that K’Andre Miller would be more attainable than Schneider. Talked about some of the Ranger forwards. Doesn’t see the Bruins being in contention for JT Miller. 

Scott Rintoul, our Thursday regular joined to talk about a variety of different things in the world of sports. Started off with the Gold Medal game and what he saw. Still basking in the glow. They never fail to deliver and neither doe Marie-Philip Poulin. Says we underserve her by calling her clutch. She has passed that. She is automatic. Scotty answered the poll question on who is the best women’s player in Canadian history. Talked about which player the Canucks should move out if they need cap space. Thinks it is JT Miller. You move him because he can get you the most now. If teams don’t hit JR’s price than you just keep him. Sees a world where Garland gets traded but doesn’t see it. You can’t evaluate him, simply from the bottom line. He is a feel the moment kind of guy. Talked about going to full capacity. Talked about UBC and SFU playing a game every year. 

Olympic Gold medalist and Broadcaster, Cheryl Pounder joined Matt and Blake to sum up the gold medal match from last night. They showcased women’s hockey and again, it came down to the wire. Says she was glad there was plexiglass between her and Mudryk as she gets excited and the old Pounder elbow came out a few times. Talked about the gold medal performance. Thought the Americans came out strong and she thought ‘oh boy’. This Canadian team has showed so much resilience. There isn’t one word that can do it justice. They have that certain something that relates to likeness and chemistry. They knew whatever was thrown at them they could weather. Talked about MPP. We have never seen anyone as great as her. She does whatever needs to be done. Lead the tournament in slot passes. Says she is the best that ever played. Tough for Cheryl to say because she has played with Wickenheiser. Can’t see MPP calling it a career yet. Doesn’t see her retiring in the next 4 years. She has matured a lot in the last cycle. The pandemic hit the women hard. Talked about the U18 tournament and how great it is for the game.

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