Feb. 16, 2022

February 16 2022 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

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NHL Insider and host of Ray and Dregs, Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake in his usual Wednesday slot. Talked about the assembly of the front office. Needed to spend time with the owner to get a full picture. Had to wrap his head around the strengths and weaknesses in the organization. Doesn’t think we’ll be 2nd guessing Allvin decisions with Jimmy looking over his shoulder. These people will have the ability to make their own decisions as they gain more experience. Talked about his chat with Garland’s agent. This is a team that will have to address their cap concerns. Not expecting Garland to be traded but wouldn’t be blown away if he did. Talked about the Tyler Toffoli trade in CAL. Talked about other trades that could happen around the league. Talked about the NYR and their GM connection to MTL. Talked about how the league reacted to the Toffoli trade. Thinks Drury in New York wouldn’t like what CAL had to pay for him. Talked about Vegas and their cap circumvention. Says that the NHL would have been involved with Mark Stone going on LTIR. The same thing happened with TBL. Talked about if we have seen the end of the career for Eric Stall. Not convinced he will get a deal with another deal in the NHL. Talked about the hiring of Cammi Granato. Felt like it was a matter of time. 

Our Canucks reporter and host of Rink Wide, Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake in his regular non game-day spot. Talked about where the best place to watch best on best hockey. Talked about the Canadian game this morning vs Sweden. Talked about the game coming up vs the Sharks. Thinks that this is a winnable game for them. Talked about the 50 game mark that will pass after SJS. Will see after 25 games of TG and 50 of BB. Talked about Highmore. He is one of the quicker players the Canucks have. The quest to find a little giddy-up is what they are about to embark on. Talked about Travis Hamonic.

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