Feb. 15, 2022

February 15 2022 - Jonah Gadjovich, Patrick Johnston & Jamie Reigle, CEO of Formula E

San Jose Sharks forward, Jonah Gadjovich joined Matt and Jeff as his Sharks welcome the Canucks on Thursday. Talked about the game coming up and why it’s so important. Talked about how the season has gone. It’s going pretty good so far. Has learned that this is a tough league. But this is a really good group with a lot of older guys. The coaches are helping with his development. Talked about his time in the organization and how it helped him develop to get to the NHL. Said the Canucks were there for him right out of the gate. Provided strength and skating skills. Does credit the organization to get to where he is. A lot of hard work on his end but credits the team for opportunities to get better. The Sharks are giving him the opportunity to play in the league. Talked about how all the training has started to pay off. Talked about the waiver process. Was very shocked. A lot of emotions after spending near 5 years to become a Vancouver Canucks than at the snap of a finger he is with a different organization. Would have liked to play more here. Talked about his game last year. Tough to give up the puck and have it end in the back of the net. Thought about the game all summer and used it as a chip on his shoulder. Talked about the fighting. Will do whatever his team needs him to do. Talked about his connection with Spencer Martin. He is his brother in law. They had to buy a package to watch the game. Really deserved that opportunity. Super happy to see his success this season. 

Patrick Johnston of the Province and Post Media joined for his regular hit. Started off talking about when we could see a trade with the Canucks. There isn’t a huge rush. Still a month and a bit before the deadline. They still have to play at an incredible clip to keep themselves in the playoff race. Every loss makes it so much harder. You need to keep some of these guys motivated. Can’t just go and turn it around right now. They probably know they aren’t there and they need more to be contender a couple season from now. Answered the poll question. Believes that it’ll be 3, for sure. Talked about Bo Horvat. If he is your number 3 centre, you are a very good team. Talked about Tyler Toffoli. Talked about Demko. Thinks he is the calmest goalie that has every played here. He is ice cold. Talked about if he could get some Vezina consideration. Talked about Jack Rathbone and when we could see him with the big club. Talked about the Canucks front office. Talked about full capacity coming back to stadiums. 

The President and CEO of Formula E, Jamie Reigle joined Matt and Jeff and talked about why Vancouver was such an attraction for their circuit. They look for cities that are aligned with their values. Can’t think of a better place. Want an iconic setting around the water in False Creek. There is a heritage in racing here. There is evidence that the city did a great job with Indy. Talked about the sensations that racing fans are accustomed to. There will be some differences for sure but at the end of the day you will see a great car race. New fans would liken it to the sounds of a star wars race and the sound of the future. Talked about the impact Drive to Survive has had on the industry. Talked about the festival. There will be concerts and conferences that align with their values that are important to their partners. Just trying to create more content and excitement for the fans. The plans in Vancouver are very ambitious but all that combined will pull in a lot of people. Talked about the car, itself. Top speed in the race is around 200km/h. Says it’s the fastest game of chess on wheels. There is a lot of sophistication going on. There is a lot of overtaking that they think is different. Talked about how and where to get tickets and what kind of packages are available at canadianefest.com.

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