Feb. 14, 2022

February 14 2022 - Arthur Staple, John Shannon & Charean Williams

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Arthur Staple of the Athletic in New York joined Matt and Jeff to talk about the potential of JT Miller being traded to the Rangers. Arthur talked about the terms JT left on when he was with the Rangers. Says the talent was there but maybe not the maturity. Rangers need more skill and depth in their top 9. Adding a guy like Miller will make it so they can spread out the skill a bit more. Talked about pieces that could come the other way. Thinks it could be a defensemen coming back because of how thin they are up front. Talked about their Russian prospect, Kravtsov. Thinks he could be back after the Olympics. Talked about the Devils and their potential deals.


John Shannon, our Monday NHL insider joined Matt and Jeff in his regular spot. Started off by talking about Cammi to the Canucks. Talked about Ray sitting down with Francesco for a view outside of the organization. And now here we are with Cammi working for the team. Talked about why broadcasters might not want to go back with a team. Talked about Toffoli to CAL. Talked about St. Louis coaching MTL. Says that Jeff Petry is on his way out. Thinks Kent Hughes did pretty well for his first big trade. Talked about Pavel Zacha interest from the Canucks. Devils have major issues in net. Would hate for them to start moving skaters when they could be a better team if they fix their goaltending. Talked about some of the teams that could be active as we near the deadline. You have to wonder if the trade today will start to kick things off. Talked about if the Canucks will be moving any pieces. At some point the Miller rumours will continue to grow. Thinks the Rangers probably think that the Rangers should have been more patient with JT. Talked about the Demko show. Thinks there is a western Canada bias when it comes to Vezina consideration. There just isn’t enough eyes on them. It’s not fair. Does Demko deserve consideration, absolutely. Will he get it? Probably not. Talked about Women’s hockey at the Olympics. Thinks that this team Canadian team is the best ever. Talked about some of the players on the men’s side. 


Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk joined us on the day after the Super Bowl. Said it was a nice week and a good game. Was a nice finish to the NFL playoffs. Agreed that the game left us wanting a little bit. After 2 of the greatest weekends in history. Didn’t want the game to end, would have preferred to go to OT and sort it out there. She would put this game in top 10 of the 27 SB’s she has been to. Talked about Aaron Donald. Would put him right up there with Lawrence Taylor. He is considering retirement now that he has this ring. Hopes he doesn’t retire as he could play another 7 years at this high of a level. Talked about how both these teams drafted their best players. Talked about QB’s and who could be on the move.

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