Feb. 10, 2022

February 10 2022 - Scott Rintoul, Jeff Paterson & AJ Mleczko

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Our Thursday regular and longtime Vancouver sportscaster, Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake today. Talked about his thoughts on Cammi Granato being named the Canucks AGM. Says she is a better person than hockey player. Seeing how she is in the Hall of Fame, that tells you all you need to know. Can thank a change in philosophy, spearheaded by Jim Rutherford. Talked about the Leafs coming to Vancouver. Talked about who he likes for SB on Sunday. His heart is with the Bengals. Brain says the Rams find a way to get it done. Chase and Cupp are fantastic to watch. Talked about who could win MVP. 

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake. Talked about how he didn’t see so many goals coming vs the NYI. Talked about the plan for Luke Schenn the next 6 weeks, leading into the deadline. Talked about how quickly it all came down with Cammi. Thinks it was important for the braintrust to be in the building to see a first period that was it was against the Isles. 

Our Go Goat Sports colleague, AJ Mleczko from On The Bus and Olympic analyst joined Matt and Blake to talk about her co-host and new Canucks AGM, Cammi Granato. Talked about how big it is for the industry to have 2 female AGM’s in the Canucks organizations. These aren’t token hires. They are so well qualified. Cammi is an incredible leader. Wondered aloud how Cammi was the first female scout in the NHL. Thinks it will be easier on her family with border crossings not coming into play as much as when she was in SEA. Talked about the Cammi she knows. Not the most raw-raw leader but she unified the team and got them on the same rope, pulling in the same direction. She has a very strong sense of herself and great opinions. She is willing to hear all sides. Talked about the kind of player that Cammi will gravitate to. Says she can appreciate the whole team and that a team needs a variety of different players. She is very detail orientated in the way she scouts players. Believes she is one of the most thorough scouts out there. If she wants this to be the next step to running a hockey team, it will be up to her but it’s in the realm of possibility. Talked about the Canada v US game recently in women's Olympic hockey. Thinks the US dominated overall but they ran into trouble with the shot blocking. Didn’t think the US PP was very good. Canada takes a lot of penalties but are so confident with their PK. Loved the intensity. You can say every game is meaningless but every game these two countries play is another chapter. Both teams will be hungrier for a little bit more if and when they meet for the Gold Medal game. Talked about the TorStar opinion column about women’s hockey in the Olympics. It’s absurd. You can’t watch that game and not be entertained. At some point the rest of the world will catch up. On the men’s side, it is so unpredictable. There is something that makes that very fun.

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