Feb. 1, 2022

February 1 2022 - Farhan Lalji & Patrick Johnston

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Patrick Johnston of the Province and Post Media joined Matt and Blake in his regular Tuesday spot. Started off by answering the poll question and if he is entertained by the Canucks. He has been lately but overall… Having to pick an answer, he is going no. Talked about management understanding that there will be changes that need to be made. Talked about Garland and how he got to Vancouver. PJ talked about Virtanen and if the Canucks can recapture his buyout, retroactively.

Farhan Lalji of TSN joined Matt and Blake to talk about the bomb that Brian Flores dropped on the NFL today. Farhan’s knee-jerk reaction was good for Brian. It will be awhile before he gets a head coaching job again in the NFL. He would have been in play to get a HC job this cycle until this dropped. Talked about the lack of diversity among NFL head coaches right now. Thinks there would be no pushback on him getting hired. Talked about the role the owners are playing in all of this. It’s not as simple as saying white owners want to hire white coaches. It’s more complicated than that. If all the owners are making all the decision, you’re going to get a lot of dumb decisions. Talked about the possibility of the a halftime show act saying something during the show at the SB this year. The Rooney rule is complete optics. Thinks Goodell could be an effective communicator on this issue. Talked about what the reception of Flores would get in Seattle. Doesn’t know what the watershed moment will have to be. Talked about the GOAT of GOATS. Talked about if the Canucks have been entertaining. He has since Bruce got here.

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