Dec. 6, 2022

December 6 2022 - Jeff Paterson & Patrick Johnston

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8-6 in Carolina. 7-6 over Colorado. An 11-0 score against Calgary way back when. The guys go through some of the craziest games in Canucks' history and where last night's 7-6 overtime game against the Habs ranks.
Rink Wide: Vancouver's Jeff Paterson, with his impressive recall of Canucks games past, stops by with his take on the wildest Canucks game in years. The guys also discuss Brock Boeser's trade value and what holds it back.
Patrick Johnston reminds us that the NHL is at its most offensive in years, and how hockey fans are the beneficiaries. PJ also takes on coach Bruce Boudreau's future and Boeser's trade market.

Presented by Jaguar Vancouver, Land Rover Vancouver & Audi Downtown Vancouver.

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