Dec. 9, 2021

December 8 2021 - Jackie Redmond (NHL Network), Darren Dreger (TSN Hockey Insider)

Plenty of talk on potential GM candidates from Matt and Blake. The Welcome Matt on the Canucks franchise value according to Forbes. 

Host of the Ray and Dregs Podcast and NHL Insider, Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake. Talked about how quickly the house cleaning materialized with the Canucks. Says that was surprising to see. Talked about what convinced Boudreau to come here. Would be surprised if there was a clause in BB’s contract that would see him not getting paid next season. You have to look at the big picture and who the next GM and POHO will be. If FA can convince Rutherford to do both jobs then he is the man for the job. Believes there is legit interest. Dregs says the fit needs to be right for JR. Talked about the potential return of Gillis and Gilman. Thinks that nobody should be surprised about that. Dregs thinks that Gilman will be a GM in the NHL. He has had good success in his 20 year management career. Thinks that the Blackhawks could have interest in him as well. Doesn’t believe that anyone has gotten permission to speak to him. Darren hopes that a blocker wouldn’t be put out by the Leafs. Hoping that the Aquilini family are looking outside the box. Talked about Stan Smyl. Wonders if he feels like this is the mountain he is willing to climb at this point in his life. If the answer is yes, how could he not be considered. Wonders how much the budget will be considered. Circled back to Rutherford because he can fill 2 roles. Talked about George McPhee. 

Jackie Redmond of the NHL Network joined Matt and Blake to talk about what makes Bruce Boudreau so great to work with. There is this jolly aspect to him. Doesn’t think she has ever seen Bruce in a bad mood. They worked together enough to know that he doesn’t let anything fester. Says it is hilarious to see him laying the ground work in press conferences. Claims she didn’t hear him swear a lot outside the set. Talked about their shared love of wrestling. Bruce is a massive fan of the WWE. 

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