Dec. 8, 2021

December 7 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), Patrick Johnston (The Province Reporter), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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The show started off with Matt and Blake talking about the debut of Bruce Boudreau and the immediate affect he has had on the team and the city. 

The Welcome Matt talks about Stan Smyl.

Charean Williams joined us a day later with all the Canucks news in the previous show. She liked the game plan from Bill Bellichick, that was very run heavy. Doesn’t remember the last time she saw him the giddy after the win. Talked about Baltimore and the direction they are heading. Not ruling them out because they have Lamar Jackson and John Harbaugh. Sometimes it feels like it’s not your year and this is that year for the Ravens. Talked about Lions win. Talked about MVP. If she were to vote today.

Patrick Johnston joined Matt and Blake in his normal slot. Talked about what he made of the Francesco’s press conference yesterday. Was so big that it had him working on a day that he normally has off. Talked about his question to FA about brining in somebody that has worked here in the past. Thinks that Gillis is an extreme remote chance. It’s not clear where they are going to go with this. He picked a couple people that were big flashy choices and then soured on them. Talked about Smyl’s relationship with ownership. Has done so many jobs within the organization. Ran through all the jobs he has done. He is the loyal soldier but since TL departed, Stan had become a diminished voice. Talked about the win over the Kings. Talked about how leading early hasn’t been a calling card for the team. Was refreshing to see. Talked about EP40. As this season wound along, we could see it in the metrics that there was a choice to not be as fast and aggressive. This is not a team that is designed to play safe. PJ answered the poll question. Talked about the team playing to the fans a little bit more. The Canucks changing a goal song, doesn’t have to be permanent. 

Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot with plenty to talk about! 

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