Dec. 7, 2021

December 6 2021 - Vancouver Canucks Press Conference: Francesco Aquilini, Stan Smyl and Bruce Boudreau

The show started off with Matt and Blake talking about the firing of Travis Green and Jim Benning. Sekeres talking about the hiring of Bruce Boudreau and if it makes any sense. 

We ran the Francesco Aquilini, Stan Smyl and Bruce Boudreau press conference. Matt and Blake offered their thoughts on what they heard following that. 

Following that John Shannon joined the guys. What happened in Vancouver is something that happened in Montreal. Stan is in a tough spot but someone has to be there to answer the phone calls. Doesn’t see Smyl becoming the permanent GM. Even though he views Stan as a friend. His job in management is the same as when he was a player. He has done absolutely anything and everything that is asked of him. Talked about FA becoming more transparent. Says it’s Monday. Lets just wait and see how transparent they are with finding the right person to come in and run the organization and let them to the job. The M.O. of this family is that they are the most difficult to deal with in the league. Talked about Mike Forde but says that Bettman will be involved in finding someone. Says the players haven’t pull their weight in all of this. That bulletproof vest is gone now and it’s all on the players. Talked about when we may see a POHO or new GM. Seems like Chicago is waiting to the end of the season. Thinks the faster they put it together, the better. Again, says it’s Monday. Need to wait and see. 

Following John, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot, after he hustled back from the rink. Jeff talked about what he heard and saw from the rink after Francesco Aquilini addressed the media for the first time in a long time. As well as thoughts on Stan Smyl and Bruce Boudreau.

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