Dec. 4, 2021

December 3 2021 - Brian Williams (Legendary Canadian Broadcaster), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host of Donnie and Dhali), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter)

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Legendary Broadcaster, Brian Williams joined Matt and Blake as he announces his retirement after a 50 year career. Talked about the start of his career and a few of the early Grey Cups he has worked. He recited, incredibly, where he was sitting in some of these games, the score, the story of the game. Talked about what he enjoyed the most of what he has seen. Says one of the earliest lessons he learned is that he is a story teller. Talked about his early days in Invermere, BC. It’s where he learned country music and dancing. Talked about they Olympics in Vancouver. Says that in his conversations with Olympic officials, that Vancouver was the city that bought in the most. Vancouver changed the way Canadian athletes approached the Olympics. Heading into the games, Canada was the only country to host the games twice and never win a gold medal. Talked about his best moments in his career. They are all exciting and all good.

Rick Dhaliwal of Donnie and Dhali joined the guys in his regular Friday spot. Talked about why he keeps his phone on set while doing his show live. Talked about Scott Mellanby and that he is hearing his name more. Says Bergevin isn’t coming here until there is full autonomy. Talked about the Aquilini family structure. Hasn’t heard much but keeps hearing “patience”. Says this franchise is 2 to 3 smart decisions away from being a contender. TG has be feeling better after a couple of wins. Do what Jeff Gorton did today. He laid out a mission statement.  Seattle expansion has 9 more goals than the Canucks. Rick doesn’t understand why Dowling is on his left side if they are trying to bump his slump. This team would be in a totally different spot of Boeser had 10 goals and EP had 13. Talked about Abby. Everything is fine with Klimovich. Not many people know how tough that league is. He is only 18 and the youngest guy in the league. Rick’s gut says he won’t go to junior. He has hit a wall and getting a reset. Don’t read too much into it. Believes Evander Kane’s agent has talked to the Canucks. Though, he doesn’t see it happening. Talked about Hamonic and all the coincidences. Talked about De Brusk. A 7th round won’t cut it. 

Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. Talked about how excited he is to see Sidney Crosby tomorrow. Talked about why. Says that for the profile that he has, he knows almost nothing about him. He is just one part of this machine that is winning. At this stage of his career and this season, he is just one of the guys. Not the headliner in the here and now, but still has that status to him. Talked about the to and fro of Hamonic. Talked about goaltending. Things move quickly in the NHL. Canucks thought they were set for years with Luongo and Schneider. Same thing in PIT that has Jarry as their starter now. 

Captain Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune joined Matt and Blake to talk about the division rivalry match for the Seahawks vs 49ers this weekend. Talked about the Hawks picking up Adrian Peterson. Talked about how AP was tailgating at a college game last weekend. Talked about why they have a need for him in the first place. The average career span for a RB is 2.6 years. AP has played 15… even if there has been limited participation in the last few seasons. That’s why he signed a practice roster spot for a 3-8 team. Talked about the milestones AP is on the verge of breaking. The Seahawks have to make RB decisions well outside of temporarily brining in this player. This is more like a hobby for Pete Carroll. Talked about young players who have something to gain the rest of the way in meaningless games. Gregg is looking at DK Metcalf. Wondering if he really wants to stick around this team with RW3 potentially leaving. He is playing for himself and getting into a position to get a big contract.

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