Dec. 24, 2021

December 23 2021 - Scott Rintoul & Jeff Paterson

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The final live show of the year, before our holiday programming takes over and leads us into the new year.

We start off the show by explaining what you will hear for that special holiday programming. 

Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake for the final time in 2021. Started off with the poll question, asking about the biggest story for the Canucks in this calendar year. Believes that Benning/Green getting fired will win the day. Scotty answers the Covid outbreak. Says we forget that the Canucks had the biggest outbreak for any pro team in North America. Talked about Brandon Sutter still feeling the affects. Blake brought up the possibility of legal ramifications. Scotty doesn't think it’ll go that far but people don’t forget about the lack of communication. Talked about the 2021 for EP40. Scotty was surprised they went to San Jose. Think the league will try to forge ahead after Christmas and New Years. Wouldn’t lay money on it but thinks they will navigate it the best they can. Thinks the pause has hurt the Canucks a little bit. So much momentum coming into it. Talked about no NHL players at the Olympics. Doesn’t surprise him one bit. The quarantine for positive tests hit the players. The guys reminisced about the Gold Medal Final in 2018, where they were all in Vegas together. Talked about the potential of playoffs. Says they need to get to .500 first. Looked into his crystal ball to talk about what he is looking forward to in 2022. Hopes that all conversations don’t involve Covid.

Our Canucks Reporter and Host of Rink Wide, Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake for a final time, live, for 2021. Started off by chatting about the story of the year for the Canucks. Thinks that the story is Benning/Green change was the right thing that happend. Talked about when we might hear from them next. Doens’t know if Benning has an appettite to get back into a Sr. role of Hockey managment. Talked about when we might see Green next.  JPat thinks that the Demko contract was a home run. The Garland contract and his production, as well. Talked about how Patrik Allvin would fit into the mould. Talked about Curt Ridley and Bob McCammon who both recently passed away. 

From all of us at the Sekeres and Price and Go Goat family, we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you in the new year!

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