Dec. 23, 2021

December 22 2021 - Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter), Darren Dreger (TSN Hockey Insider)

Another special edition of Sekeres and Price today as we head to the holiday season. 

Gregg Bell joined Matt and Blake to talk about the Seahawks. Gregg doesn’t think the owner will want to clean house there. She is too occupied with the the Trail Blazers in Portland. There is no doubt RW3 isn’t the same player. He has the most 4th quarter comeback wins since 2012. If it’s not an issue of health, it’s an issue of quality. They could seriously consider making their OC a fall guy. Thinks that RW3 not wanting to get hit by these lineman anymore is affecting his performance. Likened it to crashing your call into a brick wall 15 times a day. After 10 plus years, you just won’t want to do that anymore. Talked about Covid and how it has affected the team. Talked about a number of plays vs the Rams.

Darren Dreger, NHL Insider and Host of Ray and Dregs Podcast joined Matt and Blake. Started off about talking about his Quaker campaign and how it came to be. Talked about looking forward to the World Juniors. This is the one time he allows himself to be a fan and enjoy a few beers in the garage. It’s a good year for Canada but the US will have a good team as well. As long as they can pull off the event without any major Covid outbreak will be good. Talked about the Olympics and other major international championships. Thinks that any player available will embrace a chance at the World Championship tournament. Talked about what he knows about Canadian players in Europe filling in the Olympic void. Specifically brought up Landon Ferraro who Ray says would “fly the plane to China” in order to play. Talked about the path forward for all parties when it comes to the Olympics. This tournament matters. We might not get another chance to see the mega stars of previous tournaments and mega stars of today like McDavid. Talked about GM candidates for the Canucks. There are so many on the list and Rutherford isn’t ready to give names yet. Brought up Patrik. Allvin. He certainly has the history with Rutherford and the main background that fits into the whole piece of the pie. Talked about the level of depth inside an NHL franchise. Players are now getting packages with over 200 questions. Talked about Jennifer Botterill. Doesn’t know if it’s fair to call her the leader in the clubhouse. It’s very clear that she is increibly smart. Dregs brought up. Cheryl Pounder and names like Cami Granato. It’s all about making your organization as deep as possible. Talked about how long it’ll take to see ‘Trader Jim’ in action. Would say that chances are slim that we will see one in the immediate future. Five percent or less that we see a trade before the turn of the calendar. 

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