Dec. 3, 2021

December 2 2021 - Tristan Jarry (Pittsburgh Penguins Goaltender), Scott Rintoul (Vancouver Sports Broadcaster), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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The show kicked off with the Welcome Matt on the retirement of legendary Canadian broadcaster, Brian Williams and what he meant to the career of so many. Be sure to check out our next episode where we talk to the legend, himself. 

Delta’s Tristan Jarry, of the Pittsburgh Penguins joined Matt and Blake. Said it was a slow start to the season but everyone has played their part. Says it’s exciting to play in front of fans and have everyone back in the arena. Says this will be the first time he has played in front of his home town. Talked about the complimentary players that round out the lineup. They do a lot of the thankless jobs, pucks in deep, crash the net and that’s what makes them special. Talked about what it’s like to play with Malkin and Crosby. They are the best at what they do. Talked about his journey to be the number 1 goalie for the Penguins. Started with WBS and playing with Matt Murray then seeing MAF leave and get a chance to get in. Talked about waiting his turn to win a cup after being there for MAF and Murray. Talked about his relationship with Carter Hart. Talked about his little bet with him. Hart got the better of him last year. Hoping he can do better this year. Talked about Olympics. Wouldn’t have any problems going if he got the call.

Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake in his regular spot. Started talking about the back to back wins coming into today. Nice to see fans there now. There was a bit of a novelty with Montreal after the changes they made. Schenn should turn that goal into an NFT. The two wins allowed them a little bit of breathing room before they ultimately make the right decision. Talked about if there are any external pressures for the Canucks to make those decisions. He doesn’t think Whitecaps will play any part. Maybe MTL will. You can’t evaluate the direction of the club after two win. The first 24 should have done that. Talked about Bergevin and Mellanby. Worries that MB may be burned out a bit, like Torts was here. Would want to talk to SM. That puts him into a wide category within the NHL. Talked about the four assist night for Quinn Hughes. He has been erratic. Started pretty good, then a time being in the ditch. Now back to Quinn Hughes we know. Talked about the Schenn goal. Talked about Hamonic and his ordeal with the team right now. Talked about the upcoming home-stand. Thinks they need for 4 of 6 and talked about what that would do for the team. Talked about the inner workings of the GM search. Talked about Evander Kane and if Scotty would have him on the Canucks. It’s a pressure packed scenario. Talked about players who have come to Vancouver and made it their home. Doesn’t think it’s a good fit for Kane to come back here. Doesn’t see a way back in SJ. Talked about the Seahawks. Talked about Hockey Helps the Homeless and emceeing that event. 

Jeff Paterson joined and started off with a laugh about Luke Schenn’s performance last night and the celebration of his incredible goal. Went on to talk about his partnership with Quinn Hughes. Jeff says that whoever is playing with him, be it Schenn or Hamonic, they are playing better because of how well QH43 is playing this season. He is racking up points at a near point per game pace. Talked about what the plan should be for Hamonic. JPat answered the poll question. Doesn’t think the Canucks should pick up Evander Kane. The drama always follows. 

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