Dec. 16, 2021

December 15 2021 - Jonathan Dahlén (San Jose Sharks Forward), Darren Dreger (TSN Hockey Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Jonathan Dahlen of the San Jose Sharks joined Matt and Blake. Talked about his rookie year. Says he just came into camp to make the team. He has been given a great opportunity and lots of ice time. Wasn’t really that confident that he would make the team. Just took it day by day and worked hard everyday. Fortunately it worked and he is trying to do the same things. Doesn’t see his success in Europe as a comparable to EP40 because they are different players. Talked about how well he knows Elias. Goes back to Timra and playing on a line there with each other. Played a lot together and it was a lot of fun. Says they FaceTime here and there. Met a couple times in the summer. Says they are good friends. Didn’t talk a lot about playing together with the Canucks when he was in Utica. He wasn’t playing well enough there. Will be awesome to be on the same ice sheet tomorrow. Had some low confidence in Utica. Talked about his dad, who played 1000 games in the league. Says it is awesome to have that influence and to be playing in the same organization as he did for 3.5 years. Talked about playing with Couture. He is such a good player and a great Captain. Talked about his hometown in Sweden where Edler is from too. His dad is also a big deal there. 

Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake. Doesn’t know much about the Canucks that have tested positive. Doesn’t want to dive in. Charters that don’t take off peaks his interest, though. Talked about any overarching rules by the NHL as a maximum amount of players testing positive before they postpone games. Thinks that conference vs conference are very hard to make up, especially with three week olympic break. Says that it is dependent on the spread within the room and what can be managed. The NHL pays closer attention when teams spread to other teams. Talked about what he knows about Derek Clancey. Says that Jim Rutherford is a guy that gets ahead of problems. Recognizes things then acts. He needs guys that can hit the ground running and Clancey is that guy. 

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. Started off by talking about the surge in Covid cases amongst the Canucks. Wonders about the status of the next game, in San Jose. Talked about the game vs the Blue Jackets.  Thinks the team has gotten the bounces with who has tested positive. As this goes deeper, it will affect more important players. Talked about the Canucks hiring an AGM before a GM. Talked about the potential of Boudreau winning the Jack Adams. Thinks the voters would take into account that he had three quarters of a season to work with.

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