Dec. 15, 2021

December 14 2021 - Pierre LeBrun (The Athletic), Patrick Johnston (Post Media Reporter), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Pierre LeBrun joined Matt and Blake and talked about how he got connected with Francesco Aquilini at the Board of Governors meeting. Talked about how the 3 TSN Insiders sat down and chatted with him for a pretty long time. He was really still on a high about the hiring of Jim Rutherford and walked them how it happened. They didn’t get into the blame game. Said that FA reached out to JR to bounce some names off of. Likened it to the Brian Burke situation in PIT. Says it’s fascinating how it all played out and why Boudreau came in before JR. Talked about FA hearing from other GM’s that his team is in good shape. Talked about the two-person approach. It’s so much different now than in the 70’s. Talked about potential AGM’s around the league. Doesn’t think JR has shortened his list. Pierre thinks JR is looking for someone he can mould and be apart of the Canucks family for a long time.

Patrick Johnston of Province Sports joined Matt and Blake in his regular Tuesday slot. After talking about his Covid immunity, he talked about the goal song. Not surprisingly people are feeling very nervous at the rink. Once players started realizing what was going on around the league, there were some that were eager to get out of the building. Having gone through it, he knows exactly how it feels. Talked about the recent run of form by the Canucks. Thinks this will all come back to earth. Can understand why fans are thinking “why now” with Covid running rampant through the league. Talked about Petey and him using a different stick and how it happened. Talked about Rutherford and what he makes of him. Came across as advertised. Open to ideas, no matter where they come from. Put the terminations of Gear and Wall, because of leaking to the media, to bed. Aquilini was blatantly honest. Talked about Stan Smyl. Says that JR clearly wants him involved. Talked about potential AGM candidates. 

Jeff Paterson joined, fresh off the Bruce Boudreau pregame availability. Talked about how having a team day off on Monday may have saved them an outbreak. Talked about how they learned from last year when they went through an outbreak. JPat went through the morning that was for the Canucks. Said there were some odd things going on that you don’t register in the moment. Talked about how the rest of the calendar year could go with the Canucks and why the league might like to get them past the Leafs on Saturday. 

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