Dec. 14, 2021

December 13 2021 - John Shannon (Co-Host of the Bob McCown Podcast), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Michael Russo (The Athletic)

The ‘Welcome Matt’ addressed the presser with Aquilini and Rutherford and the culture of the Vancouver Canucks.

John Shannon joined Matt and Blake in his regular Monday spot. Talked about the kind of guy Rutherford is. Says he is a man of few mistakes. He understands the media business. Talked about how well suited he is to deal with Aquilini after his experience in Carolina. Says he is playing with house money. If it’s not going the way he wants, he will just leave. John laughs at the thought JR had that he wouldn’t get back in the game. He hired one of the best agents to get him a job. Even when Jimmy is angry, it is a controlled anger. Very dependable and predictable on how he deals with issues. When the world is chaotic, he will take a step back. Thinks most people came away from the presser will say to give him a chance now. He has a great CV and is a people person. Jim and Bruce are on a honeymoon right now. Means we could get a real answer, more than an abrupt answer. Says Travis went to the yups and no’s. 

The ‘Price is Right’ talks about how we in the media want a winning team. 

Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot to break down the Aquilini and Rutherford presser. The guys talked about the state of the team, especially the d-core. Talked more about the game vs Carolina. Talked about Bruce Boudreau comments after the win that JPat says would have been picked apart if it came from the media. Liked the candidness. Says this week has been the perfect storm because of how their opponents have rolled out. Backups and 2nd half of back to back games.

Mike Russo joined Matt and Blake to talk about the Bruce Boudreau he covered in Minny. Would rather hang out and chat with beat writers than go back to the locker room after that. Talked about what he is like when things aren’t going well. Sure he does, when tension ratchets up. He has had some playoff disappointment. He has a good sense when to turn strict on them. There will be times where he raises his voice. Not always the cartoon character. Talked about the difference with Evason in MIN then they were with Bruce. Can only imagine the way he is salivating with the offensive firepower in Vancouver. Talked about “Bruce there it is”. Never heard of it in MIN but wishes he thought of it. Talked about the different size of media markets between VAN and MIN. Mike said Bruce loves the media. His favourite guys are the insiders. Says he is addicted to NHL Network and TSN. Won’t like being hand tied by the Canucks. 

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