Dec. 11, 2021

December 10 2021 - Nathalie Rees (The Short List), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host of Donnie and Dhali), Alex Edler (Los Angeles Kings Defenseman), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporters)

Nathalie Rees, from Park Royal dropped by to talk about some holiday shopping for the guys. 

Rich Dhaliwal joined and started off with a Pratt story, as per our show video. Talked about Pratt and that he knew exactly what he was doing. Onto the Canucks, Rick talked about the hire of Rutherford. Believes they contacted Dale Tallon very early in the process. Dhali says the NHL blocked it. Rolled through the JR timeline. Talked about the search for the GM. Everything he has been told is that they are going out on a search. Says that it’s a good thing that JR didn’t come in and just clean house and that it came from the Canucks organization before Rutherford speaks for the first time. Talked about Chris Gear. Some agents really like dealing with him, some really don’t. Doesn’t think there will be any scout changes with them already working on the draft. They are just looking at everything, top to bottom. It’s been 8 bad years. JR will be in town this weekend and Rick thinks he will have a really good sit down with the Sedin twins and Smyl. They would be on quite the little heater if they can get the win vs WPG. Talked bout Boeser. 

Alex Edler of the LA Kings joined Matt and Blake. Talked about new adapting to life in LA. Not sure where he will end up. He is from Sweden and his wife grew up in Vancouver. Talked about 100 goals. The number doesn’t really mean that much but it’s cool to have that number. Took forever from 99 to 100. Talked about what means more, a goal or a stop, as a defender. Anything that helps the team win is a rush. Talked about how the year has gone and contending for a playoff spot. Talked about the rivalry with the Kings as a Canuck. Said the core welcomed him in. Talked about coming back to Vancouver in a Kings uniform. Said it was a bit weird being on the other side. Was exciting to come back to the building with mixed feelings. It was a really nice moment to see the video and hear the fans. That’s what made him emotional at the time. Talked about how proud he is of his time in Vancouver. The fact that he is leading in all categories is because of how long he was here. If Quinn plays here for a few more years, he will break all the records. Talked about his overall health. Taking it one year at a time but this year his body is feeling great. 

Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. Talked about the terminations of Chris Gear and Jon Wall. Talked about how that flew in the face of what he said on Monday morning. Doesn’t like the looks of Stan Smyl having his name, with no title, on the press release. Talked about the job that those guys did for the team. 

Gregg Bell joined the show to preview Seahawks in Houston. Started off, though, by chatting about the big Army v Navy game. Upset he will be in Houston instead of where the game actually is. Hoping the game gets back to the Rose Bowl. Talked about Adams being out. Carroll will tell you that the leadership is worth it along. Forget about the 2 first rounders he cost and the millions he is being paid. The kicker from all of this is that his big contract hasn’t kicked in yet. They are hoping he will be back for the first game next year. He has played through this before but they were playoff bound last year. At 4-8, it’s a pull the plug and get it done situation now. Talked about what a loss to HOU means to the franchise. They should handle this team with a 3rd string QB. Combine this with other games coming up, if they lose those than they will have problems. Wonders what kind of noise RW3 will be making in the offseason if they come off a worse season. Talked about Adrian Peterson. Says he really is a Hawks RB now that he is injured. Talked about West Point slang. 

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